Ear, Nose, And Throat Emergencies Pt1

Ear, Nose And Throat Emergencies Pt 1 of 2

1 CEU*

Hello and welcome to adaptive TCM. In the ENT series we will explore the most common emergencies and red flags that occur involving the ears (E),nose (N), and throat (T).

This particular segment covers:

1. Sinusitis

2. Cavernous sinus thrombosis

3. Lymph node assessment

4. Strep throat

5. Rheumatic fever

6. Retropharyngeal abscess

7. Peritonsillitis

8. Otitis media

9. Cerumen impaction

This segment covers some of the most common problems encountered in an office setting that have the potential to go bad. For example we have all seen sinusitis but did you know that it can be a cause of significant red flags? The same is true for strep throat and otitis media. I also included a section on reviewing the lymph nodes and drainage of the head and neck. This is very important and it’s a fun exam. Knowing the lymph nodes in this region will make you a much better clinician and may even save a life or two. This course which is about one hour long is approved for one CEU.

*Approved for one CEU by California Acupuncture Board. Courses Approved by California Acupuncture Board are accepted by NCCAOM.

Note: At the end of the video you will be provided a link to a 10-question quiz and granted a Certificate of Completion.

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Christopher Rasmussen MD, MS is Founder and Professor at AdaptiveTCM where helps Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners treat complex patients with confidence through providing online CEUs and research. Dr. Rasmussen is currently writing a comprehensive, preventive medicine book, with an emphasis on inflammatory components of disease prevalent in today's patients.

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