Ear, Nose, And Throat Emergencies Pt2

Ear Nose And Throat Emergencies


1 CEU credit*

10. Otitis externa

11. PE tubes and perforation

12. Foreign object in ear

13. Ludwig’s angina

14. Epistaxis

15. Nasal fracture

16. Epiglottitis

17. Foreign body in throat

18. CPR

This section is a continuation of our ENT series. We cover otitis externa is very common infection of the outer ear which happens more commonly in adults verses otitis media which we commonly see in children. Also I present several images of externa and media along with serous otitis media a variation seen in adults. As always any infection in the head and neck is a potential red flag and we go over the

signs and symptoms that you should be aware of when your patient turns for the worse.

Tympanic membrane perforation is shown and discussed. I added in Ludwig:s angina because it is more frightening than common. Nose bleeds are very common and you should know the risks and age groups that commonly get these. Yes, people have died from simple nose bleeds. Nasal fracture has several possible red flags associated with it as you may have guessed. Next acute epiglottitis is one of

the true and very dangerous red flag emergencies that often happens with toddlers. Foreign body in throat is a common emergency as well.

Lastly, I will pass on some tips I learned in managing an airway which will be of use to you should you ever need to maintain an unconscious person’s airway.

*Approved for one CEU by California Accupuncture Board. Courses Approved by California Accupuncture Board are accepted by NCCAOM.

Note: At the end of the video you will be provided a link to a 10-question quiz and granted a Certificate of Completion.

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