Ophthalmologic Symptoms – Ophthalmologic Diseases And Red Flags

August 2, 20130 Comments
Ophthalmologic Symptoms, Diseases, and Red Flags
1 CEU credit*

Table of Contents

1. Physiology of vision

2. Periorbital cellulitis

3. Orbital cellulitis

4. Orbital hemorrhage

5. Traumatic hyphema

6. Corneal abrasion/laceration

7. Slit lamp exam

8. Central retinal artery occlusion

9. Central retinal vein occlusion

10.Acute angle closure glaucoma


12.Eye anatomy

13.Black eye

14.Conjunctivitis viral and bacterial

15.Corneal foreign body

As you can see there are quite a few possible red flags that we actually cover in about an hour. The nice thing about eye emergencies is that in nearly every case there will be deep eye pain associated with a red flag. This is one of the best hours you can spend since it is packed with information that is both clear and concise. Nothing is more important than vision and it’s obvious that if you wish to be a better clinician you should be able to recognize all of the common red flags that you might encounter in an average office based acupuncture clinic.

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