Serotonin Syndrome

Serotonin Syndrome Too Much of a Good Thing Part 3/3

March 1, 20140 Comments

In part three I demonstrate the point prescription I used with remarkable success. First let’s go over the signs and symptoms (SSx) of SS. Keep in mind there can be other additional SSx’s as in the case I present below. The symptoms of the serotonin syndrome are (from The Serotonin Syndrome, AM J PSYCHIATRY, June […]

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Serotonin Syndrome Too Much of a Good Thing Part 2/3

February 22, 20140 Comments

In part two we’ll pick up where we left off trying to determine what causes depression followed by some lesser known, yet very dangerous, side effects of serotonergic drugs. In the depressed patient nobody really knows what’s happening in the brain itself. Currently, there is no solid theory that everyone agrees on either. Recently some […]

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February 16, 20140 Comments

Part 1 of a 3 part series for I thought I would share with you a case I had of a patient with serotonin syndrome (SS) since it is difficult to recognize. It can be fatal. It’s also becoming much more common due to the prevalence of antidepressant use. Should your patient look as […]

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