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I want you to keep an open mind by forgetting what you have heard in the past, good or bad, regarding American medicine. In fact, forget everything Big Media’s Spartan 5, have told you. You can do this only if you understand the role of cognitive dissonance.



Cognitive dissonance (CD) is a certain response elicited when a person reads or hears a statement that conflicts with his or her belief system. This usually provokes an uncomfortable feeling. One solution to the awkward feelings he/she may experience is to simply ignore it without a second thought or call the bearer of the news a kook.

People tend to seek consistency in their beliefs and perceptions. So what happens when one of our beliefs conflicts with another previously held belief? The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance. There are three key strategies to reduce or minimize cognitive dissonance: [1]

  • Focus on more supportive beliefs that outweigh the dissonant belief or behavior. [Go back to what the masses have been told on CNN or Fox News]
  • Reduce the importance of the conflicting belief. [He’s a kook, or ignore it]
  • Change the conflicting belief so that it is consistent with other beliefs or behaviors. [The use of lawn pesticides causes Parkinson’s disease and cancer, no it doesn’t the label says it’s safe to use as directed, the clerk reassured me; Global Warming: the climate isn’t warming, let’s now call it Climate Change]

My wakeup came from reading Crossing the Rubicon by former LA narcotics officer Mike Ruppert; after that I went into shock for about a year since it crumbled my entire belief system. The other was Confessions of an Economic Hit Man another belief-shattering student recommendation. After reading those books I couldn’t watch network news anymore. I started vetting all of my information sources as well. I have recovered from my dissonance by scrapping the Fox News edifice I relied on rather than going back into their fold like a lost duckling. This was the healthiest thing I have ever done since the fountain of lies was plugged at the source. Now it’s your turn. I want to wake you up because nearly everything you are being told by the major news outlets is cooked to one degree or another. I know, I know, I’m a nut case as your CD wakes up and cries “soothe me.” Soon however you’ll be agreeing with me I hope. This has a direct impact on our health, so humor me.

Let’s get back to CD, which is a completely normal response by the way. It reflects your perception of the world. How would you react if I said much of the information contained in medical journals is worthless? Meaning that peer reviewed publications financed by Big Pharma should be read with caution, that many are worthless. It’s called junk science. Saying that to any of my peers is treasonous. Tantamount to saying their sources of information, hence their practice of medicine, is second rate. Then they would instantly label me a nut case followed by the grin.

Cognitive dissonance is generated because most believe that Big Pharma, even if they fund studies on their own drugs, has to answer to a higher authority: ethics in research-the core of good science. That’s simply not true, recent studies have proven it. People who buy into this nonsense obviously didn’t attend business school or run a fortune 500 company. If they did they would know that Big Pharma, and their breed will do what they can get away with to increase profits. Much of the medical community wouldn’t agree with me unless they knew that there is rampant corruption in Big Pharma’s research circles. That corruption exists. I’ll walk you through it when the time comes. If you are still in doubt just think about Big Tobacco’s antics, another corporation no different from Big Pharma.

If I said poly-vaccination is causing brain inflammation adding to the disorders we see exponentially rising like autism.[2] Most doctors will find that statement hard to swallow, develop cognitive dissonance, and forget I ever said it because I sleep in a foil-lined room. Yet, the only thing way out there is the truth just waiting to be learned i.e., if you can handle it. Wasn’t that Jack Nicholson who spouted “the truth, you couldn’t handle the truth.

How about this one below:

Author, lecturer and guide, John Anthony West delivered a seismic shock to archaeology in the early 1990’s when he and Boston University geologist Robert Schoch revealed that the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt, showed evidence of rainfall erosion. Such erosion could only mean that the Sphinx was carved during or before the rains that marked the transition of northern Africa from the last Ice Age to the present interglacial epoch, a transition that occurred in the millennia from 10,000 to 5000 BC.[3] [Emphasis mine]

In other words they contend, using solid geographical evidence that is irrefutable, the Sphinx is at least twice as old as currently accepted. What did an entire packed auditorium of Egyptologists and archeologists do? They did nothing at all. They simply made no response for or against his presentation. They pretended as if Dr Schoch, a well-respected, eminently qualified, Boston University geologist was never there! That’s one way to reduce cognitive dissonance. By the way Dr Schoch was greeted by dozens of geologists after the lecture eager to contribute to strengthening the case for rain erosion of the sphinx.

Here’s another one: community medicine is second rate. What I mean by that is the basic management of chronic conditions by your typical doc in the box or DIB, (a run-of-the-mill primary care physician who manages disease, never cures it while promoting the Pills and Procedures Paradigm-PAPP), is a failure because it’s based on a false paradigm. The paradigm’s application is that the patient may live as he/she likes while our pills and procedures-better than any other system in the world-will save him when called upon. This modern paradigm ignores preventive measures like exercise, nutrition, reducing stress, other more natural ways of healing, and using supplements while promoting the lucrative status quo. It likewise elevates drugs and procedures to the forefront of medical treatment and intervention. It presumes synthetic drugs play a vital role in treatment and prevention of disease, more so than supplements, diet and exercise.

It is based on ignoring proven preventive measures, and waiting until disease strikes before rescuing (a person). Using synthetic drugs and procedures such as angio-catheterization the physician rescues the patient and “heals” him. It is based on inter-vention, not pre-vention. Treatments using synthetic medicines quell symptoms but usually never get to the root causes of disease. It often assumes patients are helpless, coddled, children who are incapable of self-management. If you doubt this next time pay attention to how doctors and nurses talk to patients especially in hospitals. More often than not it’s in a condescending type of “baby-talk.” I know at least one cardiologist that talks to his patients as if they are mindless three year olds in a Mr Rogers episode.


Denise Minger points out a study that revealed what many intelligent folks innately felt about some of the “experts” out there. Many of these “experts” are unskilled and unaware of it-the title of the publication. What it showed was that those people with the worst performance in areas like logic and grammar tended to think they did better than everyone else-while those with the greatest skill tended to underestimate their abilities.[4] This Dunning-Kruger effect, named after the authors helps explain why many of the loudest, and most vocal in medicine and nutrition are also the least informed. But it’s worse still.

Not only do they grossly overestimate their own abilities, but they also don’t even have the knowledge necessary to realize what they are saying is inaccurate.[5]

This is how a person for example, can be so cock sure of himself or herself often on a topic he or she plainly knows nothing about. With hubris and a lack of humility he might speak as if he wrote the book. Often times these people don’t have any formal training, a college degree or have taken a college-level science course yet they speak as if they were a tenured professor. Others may carry an MD degree but pontificate on subjects they were never trained in.

There was a chiropractor married to a friend of mine who had everyone in awe. You thought he was a Nobel Laureate in medicine the way he talked. I remember when I first met him and right away he started in on some topic. I listened carefully. After five minutes, and a few too many fitty cent words and scientific jargon, I could see the cracks appearing. Nothing he said make any sense at all. Yet, because he was so confident in his speaking ability everyone simply assumed that he must be smart. It turns out he was dangerously ignorant.

Teachers get ring side seats for events like these. One particular student of mine had the temerity to contradict me in class almost daily. Yet, her fund of knowledge was infantile. I used to comment silently “where do they get off acting this way?” In the 17 years I have had in higher education I cannot recall a single time I ever spoke out of turn, contradicted a professor or forgot my humility. In other words I guess I have enough intelligence to know that I don’t know anything in the grand scheme of things, and that maybe, just maybe, this man or woman up there preaching might actually have something to teach me. Just as Socrates had said, “true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.”

Try to be aware of this type. It often involves the use of complicated scientific words to intimidate the listener into inaction.


This helps to explain an event of ineffable stupidity which amazed me when I first read about it in Robert’s book Born in Blood. It concerns the otherwise completely avoidable Crusader loss of Jerusalem in 1187 in the Battle of Hattin, named for the Horns of Hattin in Lower Galilee, Israel. It’s an open plain near an extinct volcano (the Horns) where the battle took place. It is here where the pompous Guy de Lusignan, the recently crowned King of Jerusalem, met his fate and changed history forever. It is said that he completely fell into Saladin’s trap like an insect caught in a spider’s web. By grossly overestimating his army’s strength and ignoring his disadvantages, yet lacking the knowledge necessary to understand and realize the deadly trap he faced, his army was soundly pummeled. All because he was too ignorant and arrogant to understand that he could not win in an open battle. The Crusaders handed Saladin (Sala Hadin) a crushing defeat only 10 years earlier so he, Saladin, was careful not to engage a crusader army again in any fortified capacity. He therefore had to lure them out into the open, in the heat of mid-day, without a water source if he were to win. Guy was the perfect fool. What any normal, competent, person could clearly see as a setup he saw as an opportunity for self-promotion. He completely overestimated the strength of his military based on the obvious advantages his Knights had in previous successful campaigns. By nights end the Christian army was smashed. It was said that when the flag finally fell from Guy’s tent, Saladin wept in relief. The Crusader capacity to wage war now and in the future was gone for good. The defeat was so complete that after reclaiming Jerusalem a half dozen Christian city-states fell to the sword of Saladin in rapid succession only to finally end with the arrival of Christian costal reinforcements. Had the Christians more time to test the skill of their new leader, they might have realized his bravado cloaked ineptitude. But for this one error there is every reason to think that the Kingdom of Heaven may have remained in the hands of Christians for hundreds of years more.

This research provides one of the clearest explanations on the inner workings of the dangerously ignorant, yet impressively overconfident, novice, and the arrogant health “expert.” I’ll help you learn to recognize the real from the “legend in their own mind.” In the end you’ll want to seek out a few good sources that you can trust. If for no other reason than you’ll never have enough hours in the day to learn everything you need to know in preventive medicine. That’s where a handful of trained scientists, and doctors that you trust can be extremely helpful because they do the legwork for you. One such source of course is me. It is my hope that you will learn to trust me as a valuable reference for truth. I will state it now that I do not have an agenda other than to inform you of what I have learned in my decades of trying to improve my own health status, and that of others so that you may improve yours.

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