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After nearly five years in the making I finally have the book in print. It’s around 300 pages and I have around 600 references. If anyone in my reading audience still receives vaccines of any kind, and you are giving these drugs to your children, you MUST read this book before you vaccinate again. These medicines are so unpredictable that you cannot be assured that you will not become injured or debilitated, or worse, should you decide to vaccinate. Every statement I make is referenced so that you can take this information right to your doctor for ‘backup,’ should you desire to make a point. Lastly, should you or a loved one develop an adverse drug reaction, it is often times permanent. Typically, the injuries are either neurodevelopmental, neurodegenerative, and or autoimmune in nature. This book should be mandatory reading for all of those people wishing to stay happy and healthy in this toxic world. Don’t gamble with your health until you know all of the facts regarding these controversial drugs.

You are about to enter a strange world. A world of debate that has taken on a life of its own with its particular version of medicine, science and rules. It’s a debate concerning the vaccine industry and whether or not it’s causing more harm than good.

It’s a debate that CBS reporter Sharyl Atkinson calls ‘the most censored and misreported story’ of the century…that one national reporter has characterized [the industry] as ‘a borg-like impenetrable cocoon.’

What you are about to read is going to shock you. We are all part of a vast experiment for which informed consent has never been given. For the last five years, I have been researching vaccines and compiling evidence of harms. The results are so disturbing that you probably won’t believe me. In fact, you’ll feel much better if you don’t. However, the problem with vaccines is only getting worse, and no amount of whitewashing the facts will make it go away.

It is my hope that this book will assist you in making a truly informed decision based on the real facts, not the so-called ‘facts’ that ‘everyone knows.’ Right now, you control your health, but once you make the decision to vaccinate you cannot control the outcome. I’ll demonstrate that many things can go wrong. You must know the full spectrum of harms before you vaccinate.

For years, I have been wondering what all the fuss is with vaccines. Are they dangerous or are they perfectly safe? Where does the truth lie? Personally, I did not have a problem telling my sister, thirteen years ago, to have her daughter vaccinated.

I do not have an axe to grind with Big Pharma. In fact, I majored in chemistry with the intention of a career in pharmacology at one time. Nor do I know anyone who has been injured by a vaccine. That includes me. I received the usual vaccines, including the oral polio vaccine. Later, I was given the hepatitis B vaccine series at LA County Hospital prior to working there. I also received the brutal typhoid oral vaccine and several others before travelling the world. To the best of my knowledge, they never hurt me or anyone I know.

Over the years, I have witnessed the vaccine schedule double in volume. I finally took notice when the totally unnecessary hepatitis B (HepB) vaccine was added to the list for babies at zero days old. I thought it was very suspicious that all children were now being vaccinated for a disease that didn’t exist in America except in very special circumstances. What sort of medical establishment routinely vaccinates against non-existent diseases? That grabbed my attention.

We have the vaccine industry on one side claiming that their products are completely safe, yet we also have the receiving side telling us, ‘Look, these vaccines are harming our children.’ Both sides of the argument seemed believable, but both are entrenched in their own arrogance and agenda, which colors their ability to be objective. I decided that I would need to start from scratch if I were to find the truth, and I endeavored to do so with a completely open mind.

What I have discovered is not what I expected to find. Within these pages you will read of collusion between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and Big Pharma to hide and/or modify study data which clearly shows that both thimerosal and certain other components in vaccines cause neurodevelopmental diseases. These data alone provide the smoking gun that plainly shows that vaccines can cause autism.

But it’s far worse than that. Compelling biological evidence is accumulating that vaccines are a cause of numerous chronic illnesses. They range from the newly discovered disease entity called Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA), to cancer and autoimmunity disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), diabetes, and Crohn’s disease, to a lowering of IQ. Far from the perfect world of herd immunity lies a deeper infestation of dozens of diseases that appear to be directly caused by vaccines.

My conclusion on vaccines is that it’s quite obvious we have been sold a bill of goods. They are not intrinsically safe, nor are they free of serious risks, as we have been told. In fact, they are quite the opposite. Since this contradicts the CDC’s position, I made sure to provide references for nearly every single fact I state. These references are plainly visible at the end of each page; I don’t try to hide them in the back of the book. When you look at the information I provide, you can’t simply turn around and say that I’m a kook or that I wear a tin foil Stetson. Besides, I prefer a bronze Hoplite helmet anyway. I’m not saying that everyone will be injured, either.

However, something terrible is occurring and Americans deserve answers now. No doctor or research scientist can tell you that a drug, any drug, is risk free. If he did he would be lying to you. Yet that’s exactly what the CDC, the FDA, and the IOM tell us regarding the vaccine program, while millions of children are being injured in numerous ways.

You will notice that as the book develops I become a bit more frustrated, derisive, and insulting. I don’t hide it — I can’t. The antics, deception, and profiteering become almost too much to bear at times. I even resort to cynical humor to demonstrate how totally absurd things have become, lest this book feel like attending a funeral. Actually, because many situations are so dreamlike, I try to keep things humorous throughout — to prevent uncontrollable sobbing. You know, it’s one thing to be greedy, but it’s entirely something else when millions of children are being destroyed in the process of becoming rich. Rather than drowning in despair, I hope we can laugh a bit while we bury this dangerous experiment on our children. It starts with the truth.


I am also aware that no amount of proof of harms will be sufficient for those who have already made up their minds. Predictably, you’ll find that the pro-industry stances are ‘certain.’ This certainty, or bias, can have several roots. It may be induced through generous drug company compensation, or promotion, for our thought leaders in medicine, or from the mass seduction of industry-sponsored junk science often featured in our high-impact medical journals. Overall, the mantra of certainty, reinforced through thought leaders, journals, and mass media, spellbind the observer. That charm applies equally to physicians and the lay public.

For those enchanted, they are certain that vaccines cause no harm. For those that are certain, I cannot help you.

This book is for those with an open mind that yearn for the truth. Both anti- and pro-vaccine movements are guilty of their own brand of certainty. But I want to overcome the bias and inform you of the facts in an agenda-free context. My agenda, then, is truth.

It also concerns the battle between a free person’s right to know all the risks from a drug, called informed consent, and the collision with corporatism, which is the merging of corporate and state for profit, with the push to mandate vaccines based only on profiteering. As you will see, the rise of corporatism or medical fascism is finally upon us. While only a squeak so far we must be very careful lest we succumb to its ever-increasing gravity.

Those who think critically, question authority, and do not blindly follow government recommended vaccination guidelines are called anti-vaccination conspiracy nutjobs, while others have seemingly caught the ‘Panic Virus’ and refuse all vaccines based on internet folklore ruminating from hysterical housewives. Both are relegated to the same dustbins as ‘911 truthers.’ Many are the wretched souls who must now nurse their regressed baby into adulthood. They are understandably filled with hate. They have been lied to and now their beautiful baby is destroyed. So, they have an agenda that is pretty clear.

Of course, on the other side, whenever loads of money can be made, the unscrupulous emerge from the depths to further their greedy itinerary, including lying to the American people. Those that are on this side, the side of the corporate-medical-industrial orbit, are the vaccinologists. They are the self-proclaimed champions of public health, protecting the herd while cashing in on obscene amounts of money. Their mantra sounds like this: ‘Vaccination has been so successful that it is one of the ten greatest medical accomplishments of the 20th century.’ Guess what? There are embarrassments on both sides.
The vaccine world is a dirty business both morally and scientifically, as you shall see.

I have come full circle. After completion of this book, I would never recommend vaccinations to anyone — period. They are simply far too unpredictable. It turns out that vaccination science isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. It’s primitive and the science, although technically impressive, isn’t very scientific. In fact, it’s ‘bargain basement,’ according to one of the world’s most prolific vaccine inventors who you will meet later.


One of the biggest problems the medical profession faces is how enormously wealthy and influential Big Pharma has become. Its influence is corrupting modern medicine. Their actions are more consistent with a criminal enterprise, according to numerous authorities — including Dr. Abramson (in the movie Statin Nation), author of Overdosed America. What applies here applies equally toward many drugs, not just vaccines. In separate works, I demonstrate the ugly, junk science used to propagate statin, SSRI, and antipsychotic drug use across the world. Junk science is currently the way drug company research is accomplished. It’s all based on poorly designed, fraudulent science, where industry ‘buys’ the science.

Another huge problem is that many vaccines are inherently filthy and cannot be cleaned up. Some carry dangerous materials specific to how they are manufactured or cultured; most contain either aluminum, or thimerosal, or both. You have been reassured that thimerosal, a vaccine preservative that contains ethylmercury (an organomercurial compound), is as safe as lamb’s wool, but that’s an obvious lie, as I’ll demonstrate. Open any textbook on toxicology, and you’ll immediately see that these two compounds, both aluminum and mercury, are powerful neurotoxins — they are whole body poisons. Later on, we will discuss their toxicity with world-class scientists in the fields of toxicology, inorganic chemistry and biochemistry. They are powerful enough to cause anguish among millions of unlucky patients who have experienced vaccine adverse effects. They are the expanding multitudes of chronic disease sufferers brought on by vaccination. We need only look under the bed to see the millions who have been hurt.

I could only do this with your support. Please help me continue my work by buying this informative book. You can thank me later for avoiding cancers, brain disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Stay tuned for part two of my book’s introduction.

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