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Greetings to all new arrivals! If you are reading this you have already taken the most important step in patient care.


My name is Christopher Rasmussen MD, MS. I am the founder and professor at AdaptiveTCM the website for accurate and current medical information geared towards assisting the TCM practitioner when confronted with complex patients. This is the only truly integrative TCM site around that is hosted by an MD with a master’s degree in TCM who is also the author of an extensive book on health, fitness, healing and preventive medicine.


Let’s face it this isn’t your grandparent’s world anymore. It has become in many respects a toxic minefield. Patients are often sicker with poorly defined chronic, degenerative, illnesses usually complicated by polypharmacy. Here, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners can gain insight into treating today’s complex patients with confidence through providing online CEUs and research.

Since I am currently writing a thousand page comprehensive, detailed, preventive medicine book with an emphasis on the inflammatory causes of disease, much of my insights will pervade the courses you take.

Inflammation is the foundation for a hundreds diseases which are pandemic in the US and all first world countries. My motivation is simple: to provide today’s practitioner with the facts and medical information that will allow him or her to recognize and address these “new diseases” leading to better patient outcomes.


What do I mean by new disease? I have spent sixty hours a week for the last 3 years meticulously researching the ways we currently get sick and how to prevent them from happening. I have isolated over 20 main categories of “threats” to our health. Guess what? They are all inflammatory based, that is they cause inflammation in key areas of the body, and they are all recent conditions. Most of the diseases covered are no older than 100 years! They are the end result of the broken promise of synthetic chemistry, a change in cultural norms, the industrial revolution and the “advancements” in food science.


The reason why you should be concerned is because the Ancient Chinese physicians never saw a single case of any of the diseases I discuss at length in my book and here on this site. The diseases westerners die from were foreign to the Ancients. For example cardiovascular disease was essentially non-existent back then. It is now our leading killer being involved in 50% of ALL MORTALITIES per year. The big three neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and ALS sprang up in the last 100 years only. Cancers and autoimmune diseases as well were exceedingly rare. Theirs, relatively speaking, was a pristine world free of environmental and food toxins. Unfortunately for us the Ancient’s patient population, from which TCM developed, is becoming less and less representative of our modern populations. Furthermore, the vast majority of your patients will now be suffering at least in part or exclusively from these modern afflictions.


What this means to the licensed acupuncturist is that on many occasions the tongue and pulse will, by their very definition, be inaccurate and sometimes misleading. For example, simply from the use of thyroid hormone or blood pressure medications the pulse is drastically affected and that’s only 2 categories of pharmaceuticals. Based on a recent study from a major California HMO the average 60 yo patient might be on as many as 30 medications!

What do you do when you encounter such a scenario? I have read elsewhere a well known TCM practitioner claiming that the tongue and pulse are still representative of the condition in spite of medications. Nothing could be more ignorant of the facts; he is really telling us how little he knows of medicine, pharmacology and of modern diseases. The tongue and pulse certainly represent something but when symptoms and signs are suppressed or exagerated from modern drugs we need more information. You may not know how your patient is being affected let’s say from chronic microglial activation (brain inflammation) but there are ways we can tell which go beyond tongue and pulse. Over the years I have developed several tricks up my sleeve which I will share with you along with a critical set of recommended blood work to help get at the root of the problem. It’s all about knowing what the possibilities are and how to verify them.

Having spent ten years in the operating room as an anesthesiologist working in some of the finest hospitals in the greater LA area and another ten with a successful integrative medicine practice in the East Bay and elsewhere, I can tell you that the information I have to share will only improve your outcomes as it empowers you to become a better clinician. There is no downside to having more valuable medical finesse in which to help your patients. My recommendations do not usually involve the use of pharmaceuticals (bioidentical hormones are the main exception), only dietary changes or supplements.


In fact, if you choose to ignore this new and vital information, which is impossible to find “out there” without thousands of hours of research, you not only compromise your success with sick patients but you put yourself and your family at risk as well. You need to know what I know just as this information pulled me off the applecart heading to my own execution from heart disease. My research, clinical acumen and success in treating very sick patients using TCM and supplements, puts me in a unique position to help you in much the same way as obtaining a “curbside consultation.” What we refer to in medicine as a quick answer to a difficult problem by informally speaking with an expert in the hospital.


Make no mistake about it. The very best TCM practitioners have expertise in both western and eastern medicine. In fact, all of the professors from China at Five Branches had extensive backgrounds in western medicine. The two areas of medicine are complementary not mutually exclusive. There are several different suites of information at your disposal on this website which are intended to integrate important western medical material with TCM, not eclipse it. One department provides licensed acupuncturists with course modules approved by the California Acupuncture Board for distance, continuing, category one CEU’s. Currently half of your required CA. CEU’s can be obtained this way. The Nationals as a rule, generally accept any CA acupuncture board approved courses as do most others. Check with your governing board to be sure.

Each module is composed and produced by me as a Power Point lecture in a similar fashion as I would do in the classroom. They are all approximately one hour ranging from 45 min to 65 min for one CEU of category one credit. A short ten question quiz is provided (required) at the end. Upon completion you are awarded your certificate to download and print as proof to provide to the board if requested to do so.

The first series available are based on a professionally developed seminar on Red Flags and Common Simple Emergencies which I presented across California for years with overwhelming satisfaction for those in attendance. It covers common red flags seen in each subspecialty like cardiology, gastrointestinal, ENT and several other important organ systems. In particular I spend several slides discussing pneumothorax. Several years ago at Five Branches a well known lecturer gave a volunteer a pneumothorax when she was demonstrating a needle technique. Sadly, no one caught it-she ended up in the ER that night. If you follow my very simple instructions you will never miss a pneumothorax and therefore avoid being litigated against which could ruin your career.

These courses and all of the others soon to be available are the result of painstaking research and project construction aimed at making your learning experience as an acupuncturist fun and exciting. And why not. I know many of you are sometimes overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time with western medicine. I don’t blame you. The system is in a shamble and many docs are arrogant, alternative medicine haters. Furthermore, the information is truly daunting at times. I hope to change that and make it so that you enjoy learning some new things.

I have been teaching since my residency years in the late 80’s, early 90’s. I also have a degree in TCM (2003) from Five Branches University in beautiful, blustery Santa Cruz, California where I then taught and supervised clinical courses for acupuncturists in training for over five years while managing 2 office practices in the East Bay. Because of that I know the level and degree of medical knowledge that TCM practitioners need. I do not bury you in minutiae. “Only the facts” as they used to say in Dragnet. I also know what works.


I am working on another department which will provide you with useful courses and clinical questionnaires: weapons of mass deduction, that will make it easy for you to ferret out what might be occurring in your patients that are complicated, do not seem to be getting any better or are only slightly helped. Sometimes I see acupuncture as an extraordinarily powerful tool and other times a lot more disappointing. From my research I have discovered that in the latter case there is usually a powerful component of inflammation present which is continually being “fed” until we discover the cause or source which is often times very difficult to find if you do not know where to look. These clinical modules are designed to look for and isolate those sources of inflammation. They will help you immensely in providing additional assistance for these difficult patients. Five modules that I am working on are the adverse drug effects of statins, vaccines, and antidepressants; the pro-inflammatory effects of metabolic syndrome and diagnosing hypothyroidism type II. There are a further 15 areas of vital concern that I will eventually cover.


As a gift to you for signing up I provide a TCM review of symptoms by system (ROS). It is based on current TCM textbooks such as Giovanni & CAM. It provides you with a checklist that your patient fills out at home and brings back. At a glance you will see how powerful this is. I cannot tell you how many times this symptom checklist instantly narrowed the focus to the correct organ system and whether it was Qi, Blood, Yin or Yang. It should save you hours of time and provide a penetrating look into the patient’s complex problem from a TCM standpoint. It took me weeks to prepare this which I have used for ten years. It is the single most valuable TCM item I have. I hope you like it….click here to get yours today.


What I have found is that to be maximally successful in treating your patients with acupuncture and herbs, it’s very important to know and understand a certain subcategory of medical information, in addition to your TCM knowledge, regarding toxic drug effects; environmental exposures; the use of chemicals in cleaning, showering and using cosmetics; hormonal disruptors and deficiencies, eating of highly processed foods: what I have termed Industrial Dinners; the effects of municipal water consumption, lack of exercise and what the best dietary advice for most patients would be. My chapter on diet is over 250 pages and what I have discovered will help you immensely in providing good, sound, evidence-based dietary advice. These will all be available as courses soon. If you know and understand these powerful disease-causing forces and provide the solutions your success rate will triple especially when dealing with the chronically ill-the toughest of all. In other words I am helping you to address the deleterious effects of a modern, first-world lifestyle. The type of patient the Ancients never encountered. There is more.


What we are witnessing is an essentially different species of patient than the Ancient Chinese physicians treated. We need to treat them differently as well. This involves using the information from my book and my 25 years of clinical experience. It is in addition to your already good acupuncture skills and use of herbs. I will also pinpoint the greatest potential for drug-herb interactions.


Some of you I’m sure are saying I already get excellent results I don’t need your help. I am already assuming as much. Of course you don’t NEED my help but you may WANT it. What I offer is the current body of research that no single person with a busy practice, MD or LAc, could ever have time to discover without putting in long hours of diligent study. That information will help your patients heal quicker and be free from diseases far into the future because my focus is on recognizing the threat and preventing it from happening.


I am providing a roadmap with expert advice, suggested supplements, blood tests, dangers to avoid and science-based dietary advice. I was also a cardiac patient who had a heart attack at age 40 which is one of my big motivators for writing the book. Had I stayed in the Commercial Sick Care System, the CSCS, they would have killed me. I had many other medical problems that I vanquished as well. I am living proof that I have a better way and I’ll go toe to toe with any alleged medical “expert” that disagrees.


Understand that what you think you know about these areas of study (in the book) is probably wrong. There are the facts that everyone knows, then there are the real facts. Who couldn’t use the real facts? Furthermore, I am not an advocate of what I have termed the CSCS so my advice generally dove tails nicely with your strategy. That to me is the finest act that you can perform for a patient-using the best of both worlds. I know you are already good at what you do. I’ve met and interacted with many of you in my seminars.


Make no mistake about it all healing comes from the heart. Medical doctors don’t know that but you sure do. The one thing that TCM practitioners have, more so than MD’s, is greater compassion and I really admire that. So why stop at TCM? Why not investigate the signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation from novel pathways that were never taught in school that may be very helpful to your patients? Why not know exactly what that vaccine, diet soda and fruit pie are really doing to your patient? Why not learn the truth about antidepressants and statins? Every single contentious item I tackle is sourced and footnoted so anyone can verify my facts. Why not be the very best by taking advantage of “turn-key” information provided by someone eminently qualified to teach it?

Knowledge is power.  The synergy of accumulated knowledge is wisdom.

Wisdom and compassion = healing.

I’ll help give you the wisdom, you in turn provide the compassion to those souls who suffer and together we will help to heal them you and I. You can bank on it.


In summary I offer classical medical CEU courses geared for the TCM practitioner produced by an MD/TCM clinician which will help to improve patient outcome and keep you out of the courthouse.

In another section being developed (and already pre-approved) I will be providing useful clinical materials based on the hard core research from my textbook such as covering the controversies over the use of statins, vaccines, fluoridation in food and water, modern psychiatric medications, pesticides, the types of injury you might expect from eating fast food and the lab data to back it up and dozens of other situations. All of these classes are geared toward improved patient outcomes. You will finally get the “the real facts” about dangerous drugs, foods and convenience items. These are the very things that are “killing” us right now. This information may be given to your patients. It also positions you perfectly to see what effects may be occurring right now in your patients as they present to you with their chief complaint.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do in providing it to you. As always my only agenda is to help you strive for excellence and Virtus: the Ancient Roman ideal (during the Republic before Imperial Rome) of excellence, courage, character, and worth. Take care and please let me know how you feel about these lectures. I am always striving to make them better and more enjoyable. Plans for the future include in-person instructional videos, podcast programs, YouTube and of course seminars and a book circuit.




Please go to: www.inflaNATION.com for blog to book articles each week and sign up. The past articles have covered the CAFO meat industry, sunscreens, malignant melanoma and sun tanning, psychiatric medications, and many others.

The book name is InflaNATION: The Industrial Diner and a Doc in the Box

How industrial food, medicine, water and living, along with a failed medical system based on “inter” verses “pre” vention are killing you. The 20 most important things you need to know in order to outlive your parent’s generation.

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